Harnessing the power of the collective on one platform

Supercharge your collaborative measures

We live in a connected world, today's organizations are looking to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications quickly and efficiently. Microsoft Sharepoint was created to help organizations do just that —helping redefine collaboration and decision making proccesses with intelligent ways to visualize, share, and discover knowledge and insights.

As a Microsoft partner WISCO is looking to help you in your technology journey, let us guide you in implementing Microsoft Sharepoint within your business to create intelligent intranets, custom applications, and implement effective file and data sharing protective measures for your organization.

Take ownership of your files, share and collaborate from anywhere

Accessible from both online and offline on Windows, Mac, or your mobile devices.
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Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePoint

Seemless and Secure File Sharing and Content Management

Multi-device co-authoring of your documents for added flexibility

Manage your files and folders effectively and share assets across your organization and with outside collaborators.

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive gives you the ability to securely track file history and activity making it the secure solution in limiting data theft and file missplacements.

Keep your people informed and engaged within your organization

Create an organizational intranet for the dissemination of information and sharing of common resources and applications.

Build unity within your organization

Share your company story and increase employee engagement with multimedia and increased dialogue.

Share company news, insights, and expertise for a more informed and engaged workforce primed for action. .

Take your intranet on the go with the sharepoint mobile apps for Android™ or iOS® devices. Securely access your important files, data, and applications on the go. Create cross functional teams and stay abrest on the latest from teams accross your organization as well as share the latest news from anywhere while on your mobile device.

Automate and Simplify Key Business Proccesses

Accelerate decision making and productivity with automation of your processes and complex workflows.

Streamline workforce demands by simplifying data proccesses

Create automated integrated data sources, services, workflows, and proccesses.

Eliminate recurring manual proccesses from your organization with the powerful visual designer Microsoft Power Automate. Gather essential data to be shared and managed throughout your intranet, build custom forms to view, create, and alter data and files

Transform your business with the Power Apps — create tailored apps built to your specifications with no coding required! .