Microsoft Education

A better way to teach and assist learning habits

Make life easy for teachers with tools focused on developing creativity, promoting teamwork, and providing a simplified, controlled, solution built for education

Increase the possibilities and capabilities of children at your schools through best in line technologies built to help them have present and future successes. Invest in Microsoft 365 Education and encourage learning by offering teachers the tools for additional dialogue and learning.


Microsoft 365


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Microsoft 365


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Microsoft 365


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Prepare your students for a bright future in technology today

Expose students to the necessary tools for future success with a simple and safe experience.

Built to assist teachers in helping shape developing minds

Unlock the hidden potential in each student with intuitive tools which spark creativity, collaboration, and foster essential problem-solving skills. Let your students express themselves and bring their ideas to life with advanced 3D and data visualization tools.

Build value in your schools infrastructure and attract the necessary buy-in from parents funding their children's future by investing in Microsoft 365 Education. Microsoft Education helps set your school and your students apart in providing robust technology training which can later be used anywhere in the world.

Recreating that Classroom setting from Home

With virtual becoming a new norm, allow for virtual collaboration and virtual reprisentation especially during uncertian times. Microsoft's capabilities to allow up to 49 people to stream in video chat and up to 20,000 people to attend a live chat gives your choool unparralleled flexibility in its teaching offerings from home.

Build resillience in your education program with features like Microsoft Team's Together mode allowing you to create more interactive, inclusive, and nurturing student hybrid learning environments.

Fresno Unified School District

Microsoft 365 Education is empowering the Fresno School District's student population to make more than what their surroundings has to offer. Empoverished students are given new opportunities to eplore and new tools for future success.

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Marshall Public School District

Through Microsoft 365 Education, students are being provided with solutions to enhance their learning capabilities as well as prepare for their future careers. These students are getting the tools necessary to tackle the challenges of the real world, with this advanced training they are prepared to meet the expectations of fuure college proffessors and employers.

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Brevard Public Schools

Students are being given the opportunity to explore with a purpose with the use of Microsoft 365 Education. Florida's Brevard public schools have seen an increase in student collaboration and test results. Students are reaping the rewards and surging ahead in general learning and career readiness setting them on the path to future success.

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