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The essential software tools for increased productivity,
collaboration, and security for the office or at home.

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Bring in the experts to support and streamline your Microsoft needs. Whether you’re looking for support on existing microsoft products, looking to purchase Haiti region specific microsoft licenses for your business, or looking to implement microsoft 365 for the first time WISCO is your partner for unparalled business success.

Full migration assistance of business-critical data to a Microsoft 365 solution of your choice.

Software supported by Microsoft with continual new features and security updates.

Anytime, anywhere access of files with Onedrive file storage

After sales support of all products from in country providers

Elevate teamwork with Microsoft Teams; a secure hub for communication, video conferenceing, and file sharing.

Our experts are here to discuss your Microsoft needs and help you formulate an action plan.

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    The future of collaboration

    Foster collaboration in your workplace through the ultimate productivity tools offered by Microsoft 365. Get anytime online access to Microsoft Office Apps from anywhere and any device. Provide flexible collaboration options and a shared workspace for your business through Microsoft Teams allowing for chats, online meetings, file sharing, and calling with anyone inside or outside of your organization.

    Put your mind at ease in knowing that Microsoft tools provide the ultimate in security to mitigate risks to your organization. Manage employee access to tools, apps, as well as restrict downloads or sharing of sensitive organizational information.

    Ready For Increased Productivity?

    Some of the tools available at your fingertips with Microsoft 365

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    Microsoft Word
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    Microsoft Excel
    Wiscoint_Microsoft Solutions_PowerPoint_ logo
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Wiscoint_Microsoft Solutions_Outlook logo
    Microsoft Outlook
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    Microsoft OneNote
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    Microsoft OneDrive

    Set it up right the first time around

    Gain access to WISCO team of profesionals for all your Microsoft 365 support needs. Make sure you're compliant to global standards with license for your region. Don't put yourself or your business at risk with pirated or 3rd party USA licenses.

    Get the right licenses and suite of products to fit your essential needs

    Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

    Your business security can't wait, add resilience to your enterprise and help protect your data with an intelligent mobility management and security platform. Identify, monitor, and restrict malicious access to your secured data with machine learning algorithms. Gain the ability to enable multifactor authentication methods to limit identity attacks within your business.