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WISCO — A partner in your success and business development

We aim to build long-term value client relationships for the continued growth and development of businesses in the area. We hope that through exceptional service and continual growth we can enact change within our regional and global community. A solution form WISCO is an investment in your continual growth and future. We are a partner in your success and know that only through continued service and cutting edge technology solutions can we stand to make a difference in the market today.

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WISCO Intl providing secure technology solutions for all organizations and businesses

We specialize in providing solutions that give you peace of mind

A team environment focused on intellectual honesty and continual improvements.

Our staff is the foundation of our business. As such, we provide our team members with continual training and advancement opportunities. We aim to partner with our community and through workshops and programs train the future I.T. specialists of the world.

Our Motto of "kaizen" or continuous improvement ensures that fairness, constant collaboration, and teamwork prevail within our facilities. WISCO is not only a business but a family of individuals and interactions of which we all play a part in making the business whole.

Proving that reliability helps build future success

We stand by in offering premium quality service and cost effective solutions

Technology specialists providing reliability in the developing world

WISCO prides itself on its proven track record of results and quality service. Through professionalism and technical competency, we stand apart from the rest in providing solutions you can trust and build upon. With years of experience and qualified technology professionals on staff know that WISCO is a company you can trust.

Solutions built for the evolving world

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